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Diep.io game online for fun. Try to play other io games as slither.io, agar.io, enjoy


Posted on 22/09/2016  in diepio

About Diep.io:
Diep.io is a new popular multiplayer shoot as tank game which you will join a savage battle between tough opponents all over the world. The game is very fun to play.For Diep.io, you have to take control of a gun, use arrow keys to move it around the map in order to shoot at the enemies before they kill you. There are many obstacles that stand in your way, you have to get past all of them, improve your gun and protect it as long as possible.
– Zoom: use the mouse wheel scroll.
– Change Theme: you can change it into a dark theme which will give them more pleasant graphics
– Have a Mininap to focus:You can take a look at the map occasionally just to find out your current location in the game.

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